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Story plays such a huge role in our lives. It defines our world. It describes us. It gives us perspective for the broader world. It imbues us with the lessons learned by those here before us. Process experience.  Rediscover wonder.  Punch holes in our mental walls.  Connect immediately. – Thru Story. Chip and Dan Heath,…

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Wanted: Who killed William Lyman?

*Photo credit, Nick Brandreth In the dark of October 23, 1837, the residents of North Clinton Ave heard a gunshot shortly after the church bells rang at 9pm. It wasn’t until morning that William Lyman’s body was discovered in a vacant lot a short distance from his home. Octavius Baron was arrested, convicted, and hung…

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Gather & Tell

Together we can make sure that stories are not lost, but shared, and that connections are made. Interested in gathering stories from family, friends, neighbors, or even strangers? I can help. Plus, once gathered, they should be shared – find out the best techniques.

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Story Sparks

Storytelling is already a part of our everyday lives, but I’d like to see even more of it. More stories around the dinner table. More art that inspires stories to explain it. Here are some things I’ve come up with to inspire story telling and sharing.

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