Story plays such a huge role in our lives.

  • It defines our world.
  • It describes us.
  • It gives us perspective for the broader world.
  • It imbues us with the lessons learned by those here before us.

Process experience.  Rediscover wonder.  Punch holes in our mental walls.  Connect immediately. – Thru Story.

Chip and Dan Heath, in Made to Stick, talk about finding a “universal language” that everyone speaks fluently.  That, my friends, is story.

Storychick builds community through stories. I am a storyteller focused on story gathering and sharing.  I gather stories from everyday people all over our city and share them in performances and on an upcoming radio show. I teach people about telling and gathering stories – both adults and youth. I offer story services, such as gathering stories from event speakers and story-based tours to assist the visually impaired. I also create story-related papercrafts – artwork designed to inspire story telling and sharing.

Stay a while, check out the stories.  Think about the ways that we connect today. I look forward to sharing stories, perspective, and connections with you.

PS. Many thanks to @ljc for the logo design!