It’s been around a few months – the Storychick Storyphone

So how is it doing?
I need to get a people counter to track interactions. What I have here are clearly rough estimates.

The phone has appeared at 3 events over the last 3 months, while numbers and interactions vary, I believe it has been quite successful and I’m eager to explore further opportunities!

  • The Key Bank Rochester Fringe Festival – What a great opening run!  I had the big solar booth for this event.  Hundreds of interactions (I was there for much of the time and talked a lot of it).  40 recorded Fringe Stories, 15 non-Fringe stories.  Only 3 stories cut due to inappropriate content – and a few lost because they were unintelligible.  Post-processing is underway to get the related stories back to the Fringe.


    • The Heritage Maker Fair at Cumming Nature Center – No booth for this one, just me at a table.  The few interactions I had were great and I had some people listening to all 9 stories (some twice).  No new stories that day.


    • The Rochester Mini Maker Faire – Again no booth, just me at a table.  Lots of great interactions, though.  Rough estimate – 75?  Many listeners and 3 new stories.


    The conversations and stories have been great!  We have a few things to work on – the phone can get glitchy, the booth will likely be reincarnated.  If the booth is to stand alone for any periods where crowds may visit – I need more extensive signage – as a lot has depended on me talking so far.  But the connections for future potential endeavors (phone deployments) have me quite excited.  I’m starting to follow up on them, now that I have a breather from events.

    I wrote here about the power of Voice – another big finding is the element of physicality from the phone itself.  That will come in my next post – which won’t be months in the making, more like days.