Stuff gets real in 2016

Not that I haven’t been putting real effort into the work of the past 4 years, but I really believe that this will be the year where some things take off.

2015 in review

Last year saw great strides.  I added my first off-Fringe show, started the radio show, and started doing more targeted projects – from the Balloon Manor audio tour to working with a soup kitchen and a Girl Scout troop.  I built some new relationships and made progress on Noodle (my novel).

It was a rough year medically, so there were good days and bad.  Energy drains sometimes did a number on my focus.  That and the fact that I came seriously close to over-committing.  With a bunch of threads going, I need to keep on track, even when energy gets sapped.  There are things that can go more smoothly and be more productive.

2016 in focus

After thinking about last year and where I want to head, here are my focus words for the year.

  1. Balance – I want to do so much and help so many, but if I let it get out of control, no one will be happy.  I need to balance the amount and type of work that I’m doing.  I also need to make sure that I don’t neglect myself, my family, or my home in the process.  I need to find a workout that will stick, and that I can keep up, and also do more focused meditation, yoga, or something.  Balance will be key.
  2. Expertise – Develop it.  Share it.  Show it.  I know a lot about the power of story and how to use it in many situations.  I need to hone my expertise and be the expert that I am.  Look for that here on the blog, especially.
  3. Target – Focus on those who can benefit from my work.  SELL to them.  Set deadlines and goals and don’t lose sight of them.  Be intentional about networking, social, and do more targeted sharing of my work.

I’m excited about what’s already on tap in 2016:


Oooh, shiny and new!

Welcome to the new Storychick site!


I love fall.  For me, the colors and crispness in the air is a metamorphosis. It’s not about a dead season coming, just a new look to the world.  With the onset of fall, the changing of the leaves, and the dropping temperature, I figure it’s time for a bit of rebirth here.

I’ve redesigned it to help you get a better picture of everything that Storychick is about and up to, without having to search or scroll through blog posts. Thanks to Chris Brogan for the inspiration – the tips you gave were echoed on several other sites that I look up to.

Let me take you on a brief tour.  From the header:

  • Connect through Story – the home and mission ofStorychick
    • Start here! – Background details
    • Gather & Tell – Resources and information about programs to help you gather & tell stories
    • Join our Newsletter – What it sounds like.  The Neighborhood Scoop will now be delivered weekly and have the latest news.  This is news that will not be posted to the blog.
    • Stories & Their Impact – Storychick projects and their results
    • Story Sparks – Story inspiration through crafts and products
    • Story Path – Under development currently
  • Blog – The upper right menu – that’s where the blog now lives.  It’ll be similar to before, minus the news posts.
  • Contact Me – Questions?  Get in touch!

What do you think?

“Each of us is the hero of our own story”

I was lucky to get a preview copy of The Impact Equation by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith.

I thought I would come out of reading it with a list of straight to-do’s. I know it’s not the smartest use of time, but I often find myself searching for a way to just get a whole bunch of new followers in a day so I can have that part done with and get to deeper relationship stuff. Not swift, I know. And the book didn’t cater to that bad mindset.

I do have a couple of lists of to-do’s that are working their way into my calender.

What the book gave me more of, however, was a reality check. It’s a great coverage of what you need to succeed (the eponymous “equation”). The case studies cover those who rocked the formula – and also those who fell flat by missing certain elements and not making up for them elsewhere.

The moment you get too eased in to the game you’re playing is the moment you’ll miss the chance to level up.

The need to work at this starting a business stuff is hammered home. And the fact that there’s a path out there for everyone and there’s nothing keeping you from following it, except yourself.

Your path is your path, and that has nothing to do with your current job.

An easy read, clear points, great case-studies and metaphors. Thanks for the opportunity to check it out!

But I’m not really a writer…


…the thought has run through my brain many a time, as perhaps it has yours. The thought of telling your own story, through blogging or other methods can be daunting, it’s true.

But there’s help out there. There are tons of great tips on finding your voice for your writing style, on the key elements to include in stories (though there are many different opinions in this realm, so you may want to check a couple of sources to see which best fits your personal style and story). I want to take a moment to point you to two particular programs that might help:

  1. Worried that you won’t have enough ideas to keep a blog going? Blog Topics(affiliate) is a weekly email program that provides 10 potential post topics a week for 45 weeks (!).
  2. Want some more structured guidance on writing skills in general? Blog Topics: Master Class (affiliate) is a 16-week course that includes over 21 emails, video interviews, tutorials, and some live elements. It’s a full on course on writing, complete with homework, a private study group area (on Facebook), live interactions with instructors, and much more.

Both of these tools come from Human Business Works, led by Chris Brogan. Chris is a great social media resource who was named one of the top 5 bloggers in the Advertising Age Power 150. He’s also a New York Times bestselling author and a contributing editor to Success magazine. Pretty credible, if you ask me, that’s why I’m plugging the products! 😉