Welcome, 2018


I have to admit, I sometimes felt lost in 2017.

I can have a tendency to throw my whole self into various endeavors, leaving nothing to deal with anything else.  Without discipline, I ride a roller coaster of productivity – giving my all and then having to stop entirely to recover.

This is relevant to all sorts of tasks- emotional, mental, physical.

For someone who has to closely manage spoons, this is a supremely horrible approach.  I’d throw everything, use all my spoons, at certain projects – and have nothing left for others.

In 2018?  I’m focusing on balance.  And trying to do it strategically.  Habits and practices are going to be important to keeping an even keel – to avoiding the roller coaster.  As I sat thinking about what I wanted to fix, two lists stood out as important backbones for these habits.

I want to keep in mind my results from the StrenghthsFinder 2.0 test.  While I don’t normally buy in to personality tests, I thought the 5 characteristics I got from this were spot on and definitely describe how I approach my work.

  • Learner
  • Ideation
  • Individualization
  • Input
  • Maximizer

At the time I took this test, my results set me apart from everyone in the company.  And it proved out that we exist in different realms.

I’m still working on how these play in to the habits that I need to form.  I think the first step is not to neglect any of these elements in the projects that I choose.

Balance will come with a focus on the 4 types of resilience as Jane McGonigal describes in her TED talk.

  • Emotional (3 positive emotions for each negative encountered)
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Social

Building resilience in these spaces can lengthen your life, as McGonigal details in her talk.

Wrapping these elements together, I wind up at #my3words (I didn’t think I was going to do that this year):

  • Balance
  • Resilience
  • Action (as a result of the other 2, I hope to be able to complete more projects, and get more work done on big ones)

Seth Godin posted recently about adding sprints to your marathon and I definitely see the value in that, but I have to make sure the sprints don’t prevent me from completing the race.  (Running analogies are really hard for me, as a total and absolute non-runner.)

I’m bundling myself out into the tundra with new intent and fresh focus.  Let’s see how it goes.

What’s your plan for 2018?  Are you thinking of shifting your story?

One thought on “Welcome, 2018

  1. I like the thought of balance. This is something that I have been doing better of late with a new-found understanding of how important a goal this is. Even if you are wildly excited about one aspect of your life right now, other aspects continue to need some attention.

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