Behind the scenes

It can be hard to make your way back to active life after a few years where most non-working hours were spent stuck in bed.

I’m sure many of you have some idea.

It’s hard, but I’m coming back.  Storychick has been up to some stuff – classes and speaking here and there in papercraft and on story.  And more is on the way.  I’ve been working on building some key relationships.  I’m really quite excited.

Throughout the last almost 2 years, one thing I have kept consistent is broadcasting ROC Soup – and now I’ll tackle my archiving backlog – so look for episodes here, on Mixcloud, or the show page at WAYO.  Updating my archives is important for you to catch up and for me to bring in more audio and video to this site.  Expect more on both fronts, including videos of me telling stories and more.

I’ve missed putting the time into writing for Storychick.  Recently, I picked up my pen again – writing in general and for my book projects.  That kicked me back into gear and I have to make sure to keep up every night I can.

The castle shuttered for the winter has been reopened to fresh summer air.  The furniture is uncovered – ghostly once-white sheets sent to the wash.  Cobwebs are being cleared and the sun is shining into the deepest corners.  It’ll be dusty for a day or so, but we are set for the adventures to begin again!


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