Storychick’s radio debut!

Many things are in the works, as always.  Next week I’ll give you my post-mortem of the Maker Faire.  In 3 words – good chaos/ madness.

Today, I wanted to let you know that my show on WAYO 104.3FM Rochester debuts tomorrow!  I am on every Saturday at 10am (it’s a 1/2hr show).  Even better, for friends beyond the Rochester area, the show is streaming on the website.

(Archives may not show up immediately after this week’s show, but they will be coming – keep an eye on the show page)

ROC Soup logo

ROC Soup is a melting pot of Rochester stories, with some fables thrown in. History, everyday stories from your neighbors, and live stories from cool Rochester people. I’ll alternate between a mix of stories one week and an interview the next.

Up tomorrow: Mrs J Milton French, immigrants, and ROC love.
Next week, my first guest will be Arleen Thaler, a photo-journalist working to tell the stories of those without voices.



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