But what, you may ask, is a community?


As I started reaching out to people in an effort to promote Framework Basics, the question came up. What is community? What types of communities can benefit from this product?

The answer is pretty much anything, but I broke it into 2 slices:

  1. Community is any group with which you would like to develop a relationship, or who you would like to see develop relationships among themselves.  Cities, schools, neighborhoods, customers, employees, etc.
  2. The communities we care about usually align with how we identify ourselves – the categories we use to describe who we are.  For example, I am a Rochesterian, a UR and Simon alum, an ex-Kodaker, I’m a Roelle and a Musso, I am a bit of a foodie, a supporter of local business, a sister, a wife, a fan, a writer, an artist, an entrepreneur, a lover of dark beer.  Any of these can be communities to join, start, or work to create & strengthen through story.

Who is your community?  What communities do you come into contact with regularly?

What’s cool about Framework Basics is that it’s a solution that spans business, social, and family needs.  You can use it for work, for your church, and to get your kids talking to their grandparents.

Check it out, see if it might work for you! And if creating a program yourself seems daunting, send me a note via this page and I’ll be in touch to talk about what I can do to help.


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