Storychick’s story framework and what it can do for you – Building the case for story

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, jic.  Story is not just “storytime”, not just fiction, not just slams, and not just marketing.

The community building power of story can impact us personally and every organization or group we are a part of – meetups, non-profits, Facebook super groups, businesses, schools, the list goes on.  We can use story to establish and discover connections and to build and strengthen relationships. As we get closer to those we want to reach out to, as we pull together those who need to connect, story can help to grow and shape those bonds.

Story is a unique gift that we, as human beings, can use to move among social groups peacefully, to unite for a larger cause, and to adapt to changes in our environment.

As the concept of Storychick spreads, I have more and more conversations, more and more discussions about the potential impact of story in various places and what people can do to build their communities (of users, employees, volunteers, family, friends, etc) using story’s superpower of connection.

I’m formalizing that process and opening the doors to new partnerships and endeavors.


The story framework

What types of story are best for your goals?  Should you create, gather, or blend your story?  How do you plan to share it?  What happens next?  Where do you even start?

Storychick can help

Framework Basics can walk you through the questions to ask and steps to consider when starting to use story for your community.

With Framework Consulting, I’ll sit and build the process with you and help you set the foundation for ongoing story efforts.

Or consider Build My Story.  Storychick can generate content and craft a story that will strengthen and grow your community moving forward.

Watch this space

I’ll have some more elements of Storychick to share coming soon.  Don’t forget that I’ll be at  the Rochester Mini Maker Faire on 11/21 (Booth 56)!


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