I realize that someday I’ll need a system.  A way to handle these things more efficiently.  Maybe that will even include another person on the team, down the line.  Because there are a lot of details, a lot of moving pieces, a lot of work – that go into putting these things together.  And that’s part of why I’ve been quiet for so long.

But what, you ask, are “these things”?  What’s been going on?


Fringe flew by again this year, as delightful and crazy and exhausting as in years past.  Only more so.  This year I had 2 shows!  And I did a Highlights performance on the Gibbs St stage.  All of the awesome that comes with pulling together Rochester Stories and being a part of the magnificent First Niagara Rochester Fringe Festival continued this year.  I met so many great people – as I gathered stories, as I promoted the show, and at my performances.  People continue to be surprised and delighted by the concept of actors performing the stories and the play of discovery for who the stories really belong to.

I can also see how the show has grown.  There’s a bit more maturity to the composition – the history stories have expanded from a paragraph or two to a page or more.  I’ve learned as a Director, even if I’m still more hands-off than the actors are used to.

The greatest beauty continues to be in the connections.  We actually had a bit of a receiving line as people left the theatre from the last show (a near sell-out) and went downstairs for food and discussion.  The faces of people as they thanked me for the work were energized and beaming.  I connected with several people who may lead to new opportunities.  People shared stories after the show over great Greek eats.  This is why I do this.


Writers & Books was a great venue this year.  A chorus of thank-you’s to the cast, who put so much heart and generosity into telling these stories of Rochesterians.


Immediately after Fringe, I rolled into plans, preparation, and marketing for an event called #DareToImagine.  Sponsored by the US Department of Arts and Culture (USDAC) (not a governmental organization), #DareToImagine happened over the course of a week in cities around the country.  I led the charge for Rochester, partnering with ROCSPOT, ICOG, The Fruit Belt Project, the City of Rochester, the Rochester Brainery, and Global Revolution Comix.

The event invited the public to come and creatively share their visions of Rochester’s future.  There were several exercises aimed to help people think about what life may be like here in 2035.  How have we tackled our problems?


We had a decent crowd given that the event was outside on a blustery day with the first hints of snow for the season.  Not many stopped to play or get really creative – but we got a lot of brainstorm ideas to work with.  It’s a great first step and one that we may repeat in the future, so watch out.  Together, we can change the future of our city.

Next up are two Maker Faires!  I’m organizing the event 11/6-11/8 for the Pittsford Barnes & Noble, where I work, and will be exhibiting on Friday, then the Rochester Mini Maker Faire is 11/21 where I’ll have a hybrid hands-on/ demo booth.  And more is in the works.  Never a dull moment!


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