EEEK – I’m doing a show!

I’ve been horribly remiss and I think the blog may have hissed at me for neglecting it so as I logged in just now.   *sigh*

But it’s First Niagara Rochester Fringe Festival season and I’m putting on a show!

This is my first Fringe while not 100% with heart stuff, so there have been challenges.  But I’m going to rock it.  You’ll see.


So, here are the details!

Not sure about the show? – I’ll be doing a teaser preview on the Highlights stage on Gibbs St – these run from 3-430, I think I’m close to first.  It’s just 5 minutes but come, try it out!

9/20 3pm, 9/26 6pm
Writers & Books
$7 (and we have snacks from Voula’s after)

A couple of things I really want you to know about this show.

  • I love hearing people’s stories, I love the story owners – several of whom should be in the audience, and I love that buzz of making new connections. This is at the heart of why I do this. If I can get the people of ROC on the same vibe, we’ll be so much closer to fixing things.
  • I have designed the show so that you can focus on the stories. Listen with open minds. Understand the emotions, the experiences, and how you might be connected. Then, once you see the connections, you’ll find out who the stories belong to.
  • Every voice has value.  Every voice should be heard.  Stories that I’ve gathered NOT used in this show will be used elsewhere, so long as the story owners are OK with it.  I’m presenting a selection of stories but my map shows all of them and I can tell you many more.  If you have interest in specialized themes or parts of the community, let me know, we can work on putting something together.
  • You are welcome to share YOUR story!  I’ll invite sharing at the end of the show.  We’d love to hear your tales!
  • At the close of the show, we will have our snacks in a room on the 1st floor.  All are welcome to come, meet the cast & story owners, have some yummy goodies, and chat.

Hope to see you there!


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