Once upon a time, I gave a TEDx talk!

My TEDxRochester video went up on YouTube a few weeks ago – right around when my laptop blew up and posting got, well, wrinkly.  It’s nice to have all of your tabs and files where you know you can find them.  I’m on a backup, but I should be getting my real computer back today with (almost, knock wood) all files intact.

So, my video!  As you may remember, I opened the show, after Larry Moss told his ROC Soup story. This was an awesome experience on the incredible stage provided by TED for ideas the world over.  So curl up as the summer rain falls and discover the power of story.  And share the idea with any and all! Happy Friday!

And finally, there’s one more week left to vote for Storychick in the Chase Mission Main Street grant contest. 250 votes will get me to the judging round. I could still use lots of votes. It’s very appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Once upon a time, I gave a TEDx talk!

  1. And, a damn awesome talk it was! Really set the tone for the rest of the day!

    Plus, you brought me a pony. 🙂

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