A story about Rochester weather, kind of

First and foremost – there’s still time to register for my class on Monday at the Rochester Brainery!  Come get first-hand story gathering experience and learn the tips and tricks to collecting stories.

Second – a brief fable to take us into the weekend that I adapted for a ROCspot meeting.


Let me tell you a story about the Wind and the Sun. One typical May day in Rochester, NY, the Wind started at fight with the Sun. “I am stronger than you!” shouted the wind. “No way. I am stronger than YOU,” declared the Sun.

They fought back and forth for days. A war of words and claims. Finally, they decided to resolve the issue with a contest. Each would work their ways on a man walking down Main St. Whoever got him to take off his coat faster would be declared the stronger of the two.

He blew and blew and blew. Great gusts hit the man just as he came to the bridge. The Wind blew so hard, the man almost went flying in to the river.

He shivered in the gale and huddled deeper into his coat.

The Wind finally tired and gave up.

Now, it was the Sun’s turn. He shone and shone, smiling happily down on the man – who soon unbuttoned his coat. Then unzipped the liner. He grew warmer and warmer in the bright sunshine. Finally, he took off his coat altogether and draped it over his arm – muttering about the changeable Rochester weather.

The Sun managed to win through gentleness what the Wind could not conquer with brute force.


Enjoy the weekend!


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