Looking ahead to 2015

There’s a lot of exciting things already started as the sun rises on 2015 – I’ll touch on them as we go.


First, as I think of what 2015 will bring, I focus on my three words (a la Chris Brogan).  These really are my themes for the year.  This year, I have chosen:

  • Integrate – Storychick is about gathering and sharing stories, but I try to incorporate papercrafts also.  I love working with the paper and mixing and matching colors that have caught my eye to tell a story. Story Starters and Stages are designed to inspire storytelling.  This year, I plan to integrate craft more into the other story work that I do.  I want to make sure that the craft work is not neglected.
  • Produce – Not just production of content or making art, “produce” stands for  pulling together a variety of works.  Blogging consistently.  Keeping up on the newsletter.  Producing educational materials and programs.  Putting together more shows and opportunities to share out the stories that I gather.  Ramp up the pace of story gathering.  Gathering, creating, and shaping content for radio broadcasts.  Overall, create more wins for Storychick – more opportunities to grow and spread the message of story.
  • Publish – Blog posts.  Newsletters.  Articles in journals.  Content here on the blog.  Oh, perhaps move along on the course towards a book or two?  “Publish” lives in the realm of Seth Godin’s “launch”.  Get it out the door.  Into the world.  Where people can see and experience it.  Where it can convert people to the Storychick cause.  Publish also includes visibility related to the new non-profit projects with Loop Ministries and ROCspot.  Content needs to come out on schedule for these efforts.

Along with these 3 words, I have a few practices that I’d like to follow this year:

  • Writing – I’m starting with a commitment to 500 words a day for January.  This should get interesting, but I hope to achieve it or darn close.  I want to make writing a more regular practice so that the ideas in my head can be produced, can be published.
  • Workouts – I’ve been horrible lately.  I need to bring my body back from the 6 months in bed (and then make up for a few years of lethargy before that).  I need to make fitness a more regular practice in my life.

My goals for 2015 get into more details:

Goal – Increase the opportunities to share the stories I have gathered with the ROC community

Storychick will have a show on WAYO radio (broadcast 104.3FM and streaming online) in 2015!  This will be an awesome recurring opportunity to share ROC stories.  I’m quite excited by the opportunity!  I am also starting a partnership with Writers & Books to bring Rochester Stories to the stage more frequently than the once a year Fringe festival.  The first show there will be February 26.

Goal – Educate the community on the importance and role of story

Here’s a second chance to join Storychick in Story Collecting Basics at the Rochester Brainery in the Village Gate – January 12 at 7pm!  This class will cover what it takes to become a story gatherer and give you a chance to try it yourself!  I also will follow up on leads from the Maker Faire and Fringe Festival for youth programs in story gathering and story crafting.

Goal – Promote story in ROC

I plan to continue my efforts to make the public aware of the value of storytelling in strengthening a community.  I’ll share my TEDxRochester talk when it comes out and look for other opportunities to spread this message across media.  This includes hosting People’s State of the Union story circles for the US Department of Arts and Culture (NOT a federal institution, FYI) – more details on this soon.  This also includes infusing story in the marketing and messaging efforts for ROCspot and visibility efforts for Loop Ministries.

Goal – Plan out my book ideas

Work on the background in addition to spending time writing – the mechanics that need to be considered.  Create outlines.  Consider publication options.  Develop timelines and stick to them.

Goal – Invest time in strategy and training for myself

This is almost a practice, but I don’t want to make that too long a list.  Keep up on the blogs that are important to follow.  And the emails.  Read up on storytelling and just make sure to keep reading in general – I have a lot of “to reads” and all reading helps the brain and the story muscles.  Take advantage of webinars.  Explore other training opportunities.  Check out what the National Storytelling Network has to offer.

I’ll wrap some personal goals in, as well, to try to put some structure to what became chaos in 2014.

What do you think?  Sound like a fun year ahead?  I can’t wait!


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