#TBTStories – Uncle Robert

My great-uncle Robert passed away this month, so I thought I’d do a #tbtstory in his honor.

Carmelo (Charles) Musso left his wife and daughter behind in Realmonte (Muntiriali), Sicily as he departed Palermo for the states in 1909. Two years later Giuseppa (Josephine) and Jennie followed.

They settled in the Sodus/ Sodus Point area,started a farm, and grew their family to 8 children – Jennie, Tony, Art, Anna, Joe, Loretta, Robert, and Grace.  With Robert’s passing, only Grace is left.

Uncle Robert was a mason/ contractor for some time, and then took a job as a mailman in Sodus Point. Most of my memories of him are of times he stopped by my grandparents’ house, often in his uniform, and of the banter back and forth between him and my grandfather. I knew Uncle Robert by Papa’s nickname for him, which Robert hated – Spickalooch (I have no idea what it means, if really a word.)

At the memorial, I learned that Robert and Papa had a lot in common. They loved to pick on people. “Ouch,” they’d say after hitting a known weak spot.  They both collected things, though each in their own way. It was hard to pass up a deal and multiples were always preferred.

This is a picture of Uncle Robert with his wife, Lucille, who passed away in 2010 after 62 years of marriage. Snazzy jacket, eh?


Uncle Robert also loved his dogs. Buddy, his pal for the last 6 years, now needs a home! He’s a great dog – but dislikes cats and may growl and snap at small children.



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