So, it IS 2014. What does it mean for Storychick?

I was not on the ball for the arrival of the new year.  That I freely admit.  It crashed in.  Our Christmas, normally on New Year’s Eve or Day, was delayed to the weekend, so my head was still in the holidays when everyone was posting resolutions.

Last year, my three focus words were:

  • Wonder
  • Drive
  • Community

I think I did pretty good with these.  It did help me to focus, and even to refocus Storychick (from connecting people to building communities with stories).  So where do we need to go in 2014?

Well, frankly, bigger.  More.  We need to break out this year.  So, here are the three words that I’m going to focus on for 2014:

  • Grow – More stories.  More projects.  More crafts.  More shows.  A bigger audience.  A bigger voice.  Shout it from the rooftops, Storychick is cranking.
  • Package – A bit more flourish in the finish. Drawing eyes, minds, and people in through more ways, with more pizzazz. Putting that spit shine on instead of the “late night cram – early morning exam” look.  Asking for help to pull that off, when needed.
  • Unfurl – Extend that hand.  Emerge from the edges of what’s going on.  Interact more socially.  Get out, see people, talk to them.  Make the connections that are vital to life, stories, and happiness.  Keep those connections strong.

What do you think?  I’ve marked checkpoints into my calendar.  Let’s see just how stellar we can make 2014.


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