Throwback Thursday stories #TBTstories

I’m kicking off this line of posts with one of my fave pics from when I was a kid.

Play Group

When I was pre-school age, my Mom got together with 2 other moms to form this Play Group.  It was essentially pre-school run by the moms involved and we rotated between the three houses.  We did a bunch of crafty things, played games, probably read some.  Pictured here are the crew:  yours truly, Cody (who lived out of the neighborhood), and my best friend Doug, who lived on the street behind ours and whose backyard I could cut to across the other backyards.  I thought Play Group was awesome and I’m glad our Moms could take the time to make it work.

Here in this photo, we have three different approaches to the fingerpaint medium.  Aprille of the delicate strokes and fingertips only.  Cody of more general palm action.  And Doug with the gung-ho, all-in, pour it on method.  The Sesame Street smocks were the thing with the 4 year-olds of the day.

For me, this captures the spirit of our Play Group and our childhood.  It brings me back to jumping on the Jumping Couch in the basement, exploring gutters for “birdseed”, and neighborhood Star Wars escapades.  And it makes me smile – we had a blast.  I still remember sitting at the top of Doug’s slide, chewing grape Hubba-Bubba, and blowing my first bubble.  I had to slide down and run home, holding my gum with bubble in my hand to tell my Mom … : )

Happy #TBT – more next week!


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday stories #TBTstories

  1. Hi, Aprille.

    When I saw the pic, I instantly remembered this happening….and, oddly enough, VERY vaguely the actual event itself from a participant pre-schooler’s perspective LoL!!! That play group was truly a great time! As well, us neighborhood kids being able to freely (and relatively SAFELY) roam amongst each other’s yards and homes. Thanks for sharing this! It brings back awesome memories 😀

    Trusting all is well for you and Joel!


    P.S. Whatever happened to the powdered soap dispenser your folks got you kids around that timeframe? Danny and Jeff were going back and forth from house to house by that time 😉

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