A quick note

Just a quick post – I’m working on some cool things that will be here soon – plus I’m getting over a cold….

Here are two quotes in the meantime on stories, sharing, and a bit of wonder – with a bit of pre-Halloweenishness in there for you:

This was what we brought with us on our journey across oceans, beyond frontiers, through life: our little storehouse of anecdote and what-happened-next, our private once-upon-a-time.  We were our stories, and when we died, if we were lucky, our immortality would be in another such tale. – Fury, Salman Rushdie

Stories define us.  Sharing them is sharing a bit of ourselves – and helps us to grow closer together.


… the reality I knew was a thin layer of  icing on a great birthday cake writhing with grubs and nightmares and hunger. … I saw that there were patterns and gates and paths beyond the real. – The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Neil Gaiman

Take a moment, especially near All Hallow’s Eve to consider what may lie beyond what we typically see.  Absorb some of the wonder of it all.  It should put bills, traffic, and cubicle politics into a whole new light….


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