It’s time to play the music …

We’re putting on a show!

(no music though)

All of the pieces to Rochester Stories are coming together.  Chasing them into place has distracted me a bit from posting.  There’s a lot to pulling something like this together.  Many, many thanks to my cast for making sure I didn’t miss anything! (And for being awesome, in general.)

I am so happy with how this has come out.  I think we have a great selection of stories from a mix of people and will challenge at least a few assumptions – and start some conversations.  I feel very good about reactions I’ve had from those I’ve shared the idea with and they’ve encouraged me to continue the effort.  After the show, I’ll take a look back and forward.  Figure out how to package and advise if spreading this to other communities.  Map out next steps for Rochester – more shows, school programs, splinter projects.

Stories can do a lot to heal and strengthen our community, to grow our confidence and compassion and self-esteem.  To get people excited to be here.  I’ve seen it working already.

If nothing else, this has helped me to confirm my passion and I’ve met some people who are quite wonderful to sit and talk with.  For those in Rochester reading this, I hope you can make the show! (Tickets available here or at the door.)


BTW, the 2013 First Niagara Rochester Fringe Festival looks AMAZING!  First, there’s a Spiegeltent!  It so reminds me of Mirrormask and magical, mystical acts!

There are so many great potential shows.  I’ll have to spend some time tomorrow mapping out what I’d like to do.  Here’s one I really want to see, as Storychick: Heart and Soul: Medicine and Life – Creative work from healthcare workers that reflects what it’s like to serve in their profession.

I can’t wait for the festival to begin! (And I’m crazy nervous for it to do so, but I can cope.)



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