Things have been a bit crazy with a few consulting jobs and proposals, Rochester Stories progressing, and more.  You’ll see more posts more often rolling forward…

Today, the 6×6 sold-out artists were revealed.  Including me!

Using over 265 handmade beads, my 6×6 is a mosaic of a dark woods with a small cabin nestled inside.  I learned a few things doing it:

  • 265 is a lot of beads!
  • Working with beads alone, it was hard to build the picture I envisioned.
  • Perspective is important, but hard when beads are all the same size, I’m working on that.
  • Layering can soften awkward transition points.
  • Too many similar colors (dark greens and browns, for example) make it hard to see the image.

I call this type of piece a Storystarter and this is the prototype for several in a series.  The mosaics are accompanied by a sentence or two.  Coupling sentence with image will encourage people to finish the story on their own and share it with others.

105_0873 105_0874 105_0881


You can also see it on the RoCo page.

What do you think of the idea?


PS – Voting is open on the Idea Cafe grant until July 17th!  I’d love your support!



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