The progression of a story

Flipping a page, hitting the right arrow or “next” button, finger-swiping.  The next round of drinks mellow and potent.   Stories have a flow, a momentum that carries us through from setup to conflict to resolution.

The movement of a story can be lost in some formats.  For example, I personally find the ebook presentation on my phone has so little on a screen that page swipes are more of a distraction or reason to leave than any sort of momentum pulling me through the book.

Enter Tapestry, from Betaworks.  This app advances stories with a finger tap.  Authors can impact the pacing of delivery by building in more taps, and so more pauses.   I found this engaging from the start.  It rolls out like the author is in front of you, telling the story.  You can also make pages easily sharable (watch for a little phone symbol on the pages) to encourage quote distribution.  The stories that work best are simple and slim, not super text-y.

I played around and created my Tapestry based on the article I wrote earlier this year.

I want to play with this more and see what I can do with the pacing of personal stories and experimental stuff. The editing tools are simple and so a bit limiting – which is good for avoiding over-styled stories. Still, my mind goes to something with a bit of the zoom and twist of Prezi combined with a simple, tap-able story.

I also need to spend a bit more time making illustrations (photo or sketch or other). Hmmm…… the possibilities.

Brands are also testing the Tapestry waters – with feature stories from Dove and GE now in the main library. It’ll be interesting to see where this all goes. I’m excited.


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