Recent story finds

Watch the site for news on new projects and the ones currently underway.  May is going to be a big month and I’m quite excited!

In the meantime, I have some open tabs that I wanted to share.  Some prime examples of storytelling efforts:

Heartbreak Hell by Chris Faraone. A day-by-day story of life in Boston the week of the marathon bombings. Chris is an independent journalist and uses straightforward prose to relate his encounters through the week, while also conveying the disbelief, shock, and surreal nature of the situation.

Homefront Girl Diary edited by Susan Signe Morrison. This blog is the companion site for a book of the same title that Susan compiled based on her mother, Joan’s, diaries and journals written during WWII. The site expands on the content in the book by linking to reference materials, providing teaching guides, and detailing the process of creation, as well as ongoing discovery, in the main blog itself. I love the idea of contextualizing and breathing life into the notes of those who have gone before.

Black Crown Project. This is an interactive story game that I just signed up for. While it looks rather dark and twisted, I have high hopes. The last game I lurked in was a modern twist on Alice in Wonderland based in the UK. You followed Alice and the people she encountered in social media, across blogs, buried on seemingly “legit” sites, etc. There were live clues and I seem to remember at least one player meeting up with a key character at a cafe in London. Story and real-life blurred and it was addictive (TONS of content and I was just watching) and fascinating. I’m hoping this one is as interesting.

Carly’s Voice. Carly Fleischmann is a Canadian teen with rather severe autism. She has never been able to speak, but recently she started typing. Through the keyboard, she has enlightened so many people regarding what the world is like from her point of view and what it’s like to deal with her symptoms. She now has a book out, the link above is her Twitter feed, and she has “spoken” at several autism events. I’m always fascinated at glimpsed into the perspective of those who see the world differently. This is incredible. Also check out Carly’s Cafe. Based on content from the book, it’s a first-person POV.


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