Storytelling tools (part 3)

I was checking out some feeds recently and found a link to this TED talk, posted to their site in 2011 (during the time I was in a black hole of sorts):

I love it. It nicely sums up what I’ve often try to say here – how people tell stories evolves as the ways we communicate evolve. The iPad story in this video was a bit closer to a Powerpoint of sorts for me, but the potential is there.

Tablets offer a myriad of ways to tell stories in an interactive fashion. Much like the physical manipulation that pop-ups gave us, there are opportunities to watch, play, or listen to parts of the tale unfold. As interfaces and display technologies progress further – the truly immersive tale lies before us. Think of the skills of Sam on the TV show Profiler – being able to see the crime unfold. We could step into stories even as soon as Google Glass. Think about it.



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