The latest from Storychick

Cool things are afoot!  Here are the first 3 announcements:

  1. Tuesday, January 29 – I will be part of the Human Library at the University of Rochester‘s Rush Rhees LibraryHere’s a bit from the City newspaper.  I think this will be really fun and interesting and I’m hoping to make a lot of great connections with the people who check me out.
  2. I’ve launched a Facebook group called Storychick Fit, in an effort to see what happens when people have the opportunity to share stories related to fitness goals and daily issues.  As a participant in #twit2fit, I found the idea that people were listening and the responses I got to be positive motivators in sticking to my workouts.  But 140 characters can be limiting.  I’d like to see what dynamic emerges in a more flexible forum.  What if people can share stories about their goals, their barriers, their progress?  How much discussion will come from it?  What impact will it have on how likely they are to stick to a program and their relative success?  Anyone can join and contribute – comments stay within the walls of the group.  Please check it out and join up!
  3. I’m proud to announce that Storychick is now offering freelance/ consulting services in storytelling, community management, and social media!  Send me an email at: if you are interested in building relationships through story and would like to discuss a custom solution.

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