Story 4 – First Memory

My first memory – funny enough, was getting my neck skin zipped up in my coat zipper. When I was born, I was rather large – weighing in at a svelte 12 lbs 11 oz.  That baby weight stayed with me until I was about five years old.  I was almost 3 at the time, but remember this as vividly as if it’d happened yesterday.
I was at my aunt’s house and she was  watching me while my parents were out.  It was time for me to go home and I remember my aunt struggling with my poly filled coat trying to stuff me in as I struggled.  She got it part of the way up and then the material of the coat got caught in the zipper and it would not move.  She grunted and sweated as I looked at all of the things I’d rather be doing, when finally – ZIP!  The zipper flew to the top of the coat and at the top it met my tender neck skin.
My eyes blurred as the tears began to flow from the intense pain.  How could she do this?  What did I do to deserve this?!  I hated that coat!  Finally I calmed and the rest of the night was a blur.  To this day though I still do not like shirts, sweaters, or jackets with tight collars.  Fortunately my next memory was of my birthday cake and the great #3 birthday candle that I loved so much.  Sometimes you gotta get through the pain to get to the good stuff.

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