Storychick in 2013

So now that holiday crafting and baking are (largely) done, you may be wondering about what’s going on here at Storychick.  2013 is going to a major and important year – full of excitement!  Here’s a sample:

  • Explore new craft products
  • Build community here on the site and on Facebook
  • Visibility – submit to speak when I can, publish, participate in projects and events
  • Get the local Rochester project off of the ground – starting with local visibility and gathering the stories

There’s more, but I can’t give everything away!

My personal theme words for 2013 are: Wonder, Drive, and Community – and these relate as much to Storychick as to my everyday. (For more info on these and why I chose them, check out the MediaCreole post. I’ll come back to revisit these themes every so often to see how I’m  faring.

Thanks to you all for your support in 2012!  More exciting news soon!


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