Story 3 – First Memory

I have a unique story of self and family. I have wonderful memories that are firsts. My first Christmas in Texas, my first home birth, my first Thanksgiving in New England, my first winter in Alaska. Each one I try to make special and stand out, in such we have a lot of special memories.

Because firsts are from all over the country, and world, my neighbors and friends moved with me whether in my scrapbook, photo album or on the internet. Where ever our family ended up being everything we did adapted. Home truly was where the heart was for all seven of us. For over 15 years I was a military wife. Our neighbors changed, our traditions built upon and grew, and our family maintained and contain solidified ones that were just ours to make sure each holiday, gathering and anything celebratory fit into a solid base so when we moved it moved with us.

DCF 1.0

Take for instance Princess day, my now 16 year-old was getting screwed over by her 4th birthday being in the middle of a move. We were doing a PCS move (moving to a new post) and life was chaotic. We could not have a huge party and we had just had one the month before for her brother so she was really upset. I decided to make her day a “princess day”, a day that was hers and I was her maid servant. All the food was per her menu, everyone had to eat her choices. She received her birthday breakfast on our families best china, she got to drink her orange juice and milk out of water and champagne flutes. She broke one her fifth birthday and I just cleaned it up, she was worth it. Her birthday was never the day of her big party, which I made just as spectacular if I could. We usually went shopping and out to lunch and she got to choose a friend. (Sir Hoppington was on her 4th birthday, he was a Rabbit so big I had to put him in the stroller and carry her brother on my back). She had a princess crown (as seen above which lasted till she was 8), and a princess dress her Daddy got her each year which was always the first package opened.

DCF 1.0

This continues and through out the years her little brother and sister insisted on having their own each day of “holding court” in which they were prince or princess. On Josephine’s sixth birthday the local fire department got wind it was on and even came down to give us a show just for her, since it was cloudy and she asked for a rainbow, they gave her one.

DCF 1.0

There is always room for celebration, always room for traditions and making things happen no matter where you are and where you live. Home truly is where your heart is.

– KM


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