Stories around the table

Thanksgiving is a time to get together with friends and family, eat indulgent amounts of food, and tell stories.  We tell stories to update each other on the highlights of our lives, to give thanks, to relive traditions, to justify the presence of an odd dish on the table (perhaps).  There are stories that are told every thanksgiving – “Do you remember when …”, “Of course then there’s Uncle So-and-so’s encounter with …”.  There are stories that are striking and new.  Stories that start debates, food fights, moments of silence and fits of laughter.

Even if you go out to eat for Thanksgiving, even if you don’t have a crowd.  The people in restaurants are telling stories.  The people working have stories of their own and their customers to share.

Listen to the stories this holiday.  I will be, too.  As you think about the people who surround you, think too about how stories bring you closer to them.

I know that some of my favorite holiday meal memories center on storytelling at the table that leaves us falling off of our chairs laughing, tears streaming down my cheeks.  My family has a talent for that and it’s one of the things I love about them.

And have another piece of pie, it’s a holiday. ; )  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!




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