Week in Review – progress made on all fronts

Each of the 3 major events last week had some great lessons learned for a fledgling company and were a lot of fun.

  1. Storytelling at Rush Rhees – I dressed the part and, when the time came, had the story down pat.  A couple of things made it a bit weird – the location, while central, was a path from point A to point B, the audience was small (but there were a few who were engaged the whole time), and the handheld mike threw off some of my physicality (I’m part Sicilian.  I talk with my hands and one was anchored).  For my first performance, I had a good time and was pleased and I think the audience enjoyed.
  2. Kickstarter – Unite Rochester thru Story – This was not successful and I’ll have to revisit how to fund this pilot program.  I have some great ideas from friends, though, that will help to establish a base level of funding so I don’t have to crowdsource the entire thing and build an audience for the stories even before a full launch of the art project.  I expect to lay the groundwork for these before the end of the year.
  3. Mayday! Underground craft show – We had a great time!  I sold some, but not a lot.  It seemed like jewelry wasn’t the hot ticket item this time. Most importantly, I built awareness.  People loved the beads and designs and appreciated the amount of work involved.  The pendants were well received.  And, best of all, the story element was a great add-on.  Next show is 12/1 in the Southwedge and the Etsy site will be updated in the next day or so to include the pendants.

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A good week – and paving the way for more like it!

Monday was TedX Rochester – a great gathering of creative people eager to solve problems from new angles and to create awesome things.  The lineup was awesome – for a not huge city, ROC was one of the first TedX cities and has a lot of great thinkers.  Jenny leaned over at one point and asked if the program had been designed specifically for me – it was great!

  • Gaming as a way to enhance our lives, solve problems we weren’t even intended to have, and enhance learning – joy!
  • Connecting people – teens through empowerment programs, the deaf and hearing communities, on road-trips through Mongolia.
  • Using street art to communicate the value of images and to build medical imaging programs.
  • Taking advantage of every day we have to do awesome things – to move with intention and take chances.

Such good stuff and always good talking to friends and some new connections in the crowd.  I will be there next year, for sure!

(BTW – 3 of the venues in this post are haunted, but I have not yet had any experiences in any of them. Dang.)


2 thoughts on “Week in Review – progress made on all fronts

  1. I am still interested in supporting your venture, and was really surprised when kickstarter wouldn’t charge me what I had pledged just because you didn’t get as much as you were hoping for. That seems very strange to me. Glad things are progressing! TED is such a great place to learn, I watch talks on their website often. And I have been told by a psychic that I have the gift of seeing spirits, but have never seen one either.

    1. Thanks, Susie! Don’t worry, I’ll probably still be looking for some support in my next round on this. Kickstarter is set up so that, if your goal is not made, no one has to pay – that way I’m not obliged to create rewards without the funding to make them.

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