Big week for Storychick!

Besides Halloween and my dear husband’s birthday (and the Frankenstorm), this week holds some cool milestone events for Storychick.

  1. On Halloween, I will be doing a storytelling session at the Rush Rhees Scare Fair at the University of Rochester. A great chance to share the latest with people at my alma mater – and also spin a good yarn! I’m excited! I’ll be on at 2:30
  2. Saturday is the Mayday! Underground craft festival at Rochester’s Main Street Armory (a location that is supposed to be haunted(!).  My first craft show!  I’ll be sharing a booth with friends Jenny and Tina.  I’ll be selling the blank box necklaces and have some of the second line of necklaces available.  Come see us!  Watch the site next week for photos, results, and an update to the Etsy store.
  3. Finally, this is the final week of the Kickstarter to Unite Rochester through Story.  I don’t know that we’ll hit the goal, but I’ll take some lessons from it and figure out how to get the pilot off the ground one way or the other. That said, if you happened to sign up as a backer, it would be a wonderful thing! 😉

Wishing you all a Halloween with at least one awesome ghost story and safe passage (and maybe some new stories) through the storm.  If you’re in ROC, do come find me at one of these events!


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