Press release: Introducing Storychick and the Kickstarter project

Aprille Byam

Storychick launches with Kickstarter to Unite Rochester Through Story

Rochester, NY October 15, 2012
After years of experience in marketing and market research in the Rochester area, Aprille
Byam is launching into a new adventure that focuses on connecting people through story. Her
company, Storychick, will have several story focused offerings – including papercraft jewelry and
monitoring trends related to how people connect and share their experiences. Currently, Aprille is
running a Kickstarter project that focuses on using story to bring the neighborhoods of Rochester
closer together.

Storychick is an exciting example of the spirit of micro-preneur or solo-preneurship currently sweeping the nation. Many of these small businesses are being started by women. In founding Storychick, Aprille seeks to spread her love of story to businesses, community organizations, and consumers by demonstrating the capability of stories to connect us and the depth of relationships that can result. More information about Storychick can be found at .

Stories connect us through common threads. But sometimes we keep ourselves from listening to
stories because of preconceived notions about the teller. The Unite Rochester Through Story project
is a pilot of a program designed to lift barriers to connections by gathering & sharing stories from
across neighborhoods in ROC anonymously, allowing the stories to connect people first – before they
meet. “I believe that, by sharing stories on common themes, we can make connections where few
had existed. These connections can help to reduce hate and to combat the violence that comes when
groups are too “other” to understand,” says Byam. For more information on the Kickstarter project,
see . Even $1
donations receive invitations to the opening reception and mentions in the book.

Knowing that story can tear down the walls that sometimes go up between people from different neighborhoods, Aprille wants to gather stories at the neighborhood
level. Each neighborhood has plenty of stories of its own that are often trapped in the heads of the
neighborhood association members – so the first step is to create an outlet at the neighborhood level,
to paint a portrait of Swillburg, the 19th Ward, or Charlotte…

Through the members of the neighborhood associations, Aprille will reach out to people from each
area willing to tell a story of their own and gather the stories.

A month long art show will cap the project. Stories will then be printed as large art prints, with half of
the page showing the story and the other a silhouette portrait of the teller. In the center of gallery
space, a mobile will showcase the stories of the neighborhoods themselves. Soft-bound books of the
stories and trading card packs will be available for purchase (and as rewards to Kickstarter donors).

It’s a smaller world each and every day and if we don’t do anything, the walls between us could pen us
in. Let’s knock them down using one of the oldest tools in humanity’s arsenal – story.
Aprille Byam is a native Rochesterian, who grew up in Farmington and, after a BA/MBA from the U of R, has made the city her home. She’s an ardent supporter and volunteer with Roc City Roller Derby and a supporter of manylocal art events. She believes that stories are the ultimate super-power – they can bridge the gaps between us,help to heal the sick, and transfer crucial knowledge and skills to generations to come.


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