Why this story?

As I was thumbing through a cache of folktales, I went back and forth on several possibilities – Humpty Dumpty (which has original versions in several countries), the Girl with No Hands, the Six Swans, Frau Holle, Devil Greencoat.

I considered using a couple and seeing if I could get them to work metamorphosis style – in a mix and match fashion – like the stories I’m selling with the blank box jewelry on Etsy.

Then I read this one and knew it was perfect.  A few thoughts on why this story stood out:

  • It doesn’t tie things up in a bow, but leaves the future open for possibility.
  • It speaks to the wonder of discovery – of finding something totally unexpected (key and box) and contemplating what might be inside.
  • It unites the boy and the reader in time – as we all hang on the turn of that key.
  • It allows for another level to the game – as I bring you in to add to the story in your own way (see What’s in the Box?).

I hope you had fun!


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