The full story – The Golden Key

This story is a slightly modified version of a traditional German folktale.

Once upon a time … there was a very deep snow and a poor, young boy was sent into the forest to fetch firewood with his sled.

It was so cold, the boy decided to build a campfire in the woods to warm up for the walk home.

He started to clear away snow from the spot for his fire and, as he reached the ground, found a golden key.

“Where there’s a key, there’s bound to be a lock, too,” he thought, and dug into the ground.

He soon unearthed a small, iron box.  “If only the key fits! Surely there will be wondrous and precious things inside.”

He twisted and turned the box and, finally, found a tiny hole that the key just fit.

He turned the key and … now we must wait until he’s done to see what’s inside.



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