“Each of us is the hero of our own story”

I was lucky to get a preview copy of The Impact Equation by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith.

I thought I would come out of reading it with a list of straight to-do’s. I know it’s not the smartest use of time, but I often find myself searching for a way to just get a whole bunch of new followers in a day so I can have that part done with and get to deeper relationship stuff. Not swift, I know. And the book didn’t cater to that bad mindset.

I do have a couple of lists of to-do’s that are working their way into my calender.

What the book gave me more of, however, was a reality check. It’s a great coverage of what you need to succeed (the eponymous “equation”). The case studies cover those who rocked the formula – and also those who fell flat by missing certain elements and not making up for them elsewhere.

The moment you get too eased in to the game you’re playing is the moment you’ll miss the chance to level up.

The need to work at this starting a business stuff is hammered home. And the fact that there’s a path out there for everyone and there’s nothing keeping you from following it, except yourself.

Your path is your path, and that has nothing to do with your current job.

An easy read, clear points, great case-studies and metaphors. Thanks for the opportunity to check it out!


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