Uniting Rochester through Story – a Kickstarter project



I am truly psyched!  I’ve just launched a Kickstarter project that embodies what the Stories from Neighbors portion of Storychick has been talking about.

Stories can connect us.

This project is focused on tearing down walls that keep us from letting our stories connect us.  It’s a pilot program focused on connecting people from various neighborhoods in Rochester, NY.

Funding will cover the costs of the Unite Rochester through Story program. The program itself has 3 phases:

  1. Gather stories across a variety of Rochester neighborhoods,
  2. Compile them – producing art prints, books, and trading cards,
  3. Put on a Show – an interactive gallery show that allows people to read the stories and test their assumptions about the tellers before finding out who they are and where they are from, then revealing that information (and connecting reader to teller) at the end.

Rewards include invitations to the opening art reception, Storychick tee-shirts, trading cards, and books.

I’m thrilled to move this project forward and start building and growing connections in the Rochester area.    I’d love to hear your thoughts, either here or on the project page.  And if you believe this is a cool idea, I’d be happy to have your support.  Spread the word, let people know!

*It starts in Rochester – hometown has first dibs, but remember, this is a pilot – I’m building a format that could be used in a lot of locations/ situations.  More details as this rolls forward – here’s to connecting!



2 thoughts on “Uniting Rochester through Story – a Kickstarter project

    1. I’m going to focus on some themes that I think can cross boundaries well – carrying emotions that we can identify with. I’m working from a Storycorps list and some other resources – potentially areas such as childhood influences, first memory, family dinners, favorite childhood toy or game, first kiss. I’ll focus in on a couple of these topics.

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