Improving learning, through connections

There’s been a bit of buzz over the summer about a new social platform called Lore.

Lore is a space where instructors and students can connect online. Initially this was limited to interactions around specific courses, but it has grown so that students can join special interest groups and clubs plus find and connect with others, then check out the courses they’re taking.

As they say on their “About” page:

We’re born hungry to learn, a gift that pushes us to explore, discover, and study our surrounding universe. It’s what makes us human, and what pushes us forward. It’s why we wake up excited and go to bed restless. It breeds a sense of wonder, a sense that anything’s possible if only we learn how.

Learning is about people.

A class engrossed by a zealous professor. A reader hunting for answers. A pair delving into a fiery debate. Our pursuit of knowledge flows through our connections. And while we learn—while we consume, create, experiment—we’re teaching, too.

That’s the idea behind Lore.

Helping further learning by enabling people to make connections – to find the right audience to bounce ideas off of, to have a resource who can check your math when it’s not your focus, to be able to reach out to a Bronte buff for one of those little details about Emily’s life. I think the most exciting part is the first one, having a sanity check audience that you can use to verify your path as you move forward with big projects, thesis-level studies, etc. I would love more of that in my professional life, tbh.

Connecting to people. We can’t learn in isolation – not complicated constructs. Stowe Boyd talked about this in his work on social cognition. Connections are key and stories help us to build and strengthen connections.


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