Childhood Influence stories


Four stories of childhood influence – two people chose to talk about their mothers, one a cousin, and one a celebrated thinker. Life lessons of adventure, play, humor, and generosity.

Each story is unique as we draw from our personal backgrounds. Our current situations also come into play with a story topic like this one – as the relative importance of elements of the past are filtered through the lens of today.

And still I believe we, the readers, can all identify with key themes and elements within each story. I am reading True Notebooks by Mark Salzman – the true story of an author spending a year teaching writing classes at juvenile hall in LA. The details of the stories written by the inmates are often hard for me to identify with – as a small town bookworm whose biggest bit of “acting out” as a teen was a minor sailboat disaster. But I can identify with the emotions and I am drawn in to see the impact and consequences they have for the kids. (More on the book when I finish it.)

I hope you have enjoyed what has been shared – we’ll keep this going with new tellers and topics each month or so.

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