The Etsy shop is now live


When creating Storychick, I wanted to include an element of craft – of the work that I do with my hands. This has materialized as the jewelry currently for sale at Storychickcraft on Etsy.

I have a collection of brightly colored pieces of paper that I have wanted to do something with. Currently, beads are the answer. I love the variety of colors and patterns that I can achieve in my necklace designs with these paper beads. The beads are coated, but not heavily, to keep a closer connection to the original material.

I’ve also included pieces of stories in the packages. These pieces fit together across series – there’s an original combination, but the others are not so disjointed that they cannot make stories of their own. The approach reminds me of the metamorphosis movable books from the 1700s.

 Around 1765, Sayer developed a “lift-the-flap” style book. The book consisted of two engraved scenes. Both scenes were split in the center by a series of flaps, layered one top of another and attached at the top and bottom of the scene, so each could be lifted up from the center. The various half-scenes on the top and bottom of every flap corresponded and were interchangable with one another. As a result, turning up the flaps created amusing variations in the scenes.  – Source

The final twist on the current pieces is the selling style. I wanted a different approach and a different potential sales environment, so the necklaces are sold blank-box style. There are 5 designs and you don’t know which you’ll get when you order or select a box. Four of the designs are illustrated and in photos on the site, but there is one “rare” design (1/32) that is not.

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