Story 3 – Childhood Influence

As the poem goes: “There is no love, like a mother’s love.” My mother taught me how to be a good person and to have a sense of humor. I watched her, even through the difficulty of divorce, be kind – no bitterness or harsh words for my father, even though they would have been well deserved. She was also kind and generous to not only her family and friends, but to people she didn’t know. Upon visits to my mom at work – I would notice the full dish of candy – and how she lit up as she spoke to her coworkers – she knew their spouses, children, and pets’ names and would always ask after each.

I would see little gifties she purchased at the dollar store.  “Mom, who are those things for?”

“The mug is for Andy the security guard.”

“That little clown figurine is for the lady down the hall, she looked a little sad last week.”

Mom didn’t have to tell me to be kind to others – she showed me.  I strive to achieve this with my daughter, a difficulty in current times when – with the advent of 24 hour news (and the barrage of crime news that comes with that) – one is much less trusting of strangers.

And humor – Mom really knew how to make others laugh – usually through some gentle ribbing or a bit of sarcasm. To this day, you can gauge how much I like someone by how much I “pick on” them. I tease the ones I love – but always in a kind, fun way.

Now that I have a young daughter, I realize how important the little things I do and say are. I understand that for most people – including my daughter – their mother may well be the one who influenced them most in life. I dearly hope my daughter grows up as a kind, thoughtful person – but throws a little laughter in to the mix along the way.



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