But I’m not really a writer…


…the thought has run through my brain many a time, as perhaps it has yours. The thought of telling your own story, through blogging or other methods can be daunting, it’s true.

But there’s help out there. There are tons of great tips on finding your voice for your writing style, on the key elements to include in stories (though there are many different opinions in this realm, so you may want to check a couple of sources to see which best fits your personal style and story). I want to take a moment to point you to two particular programs that might help:

  1. Worried that you won’t have enough ideas to keep a blog going? Blog Topics(affiliate) is a weekly email program that provides 10 potential post topics a week for 45 weeks (!).
  2. Want some more structured guidance on writing skills in general? Blog Topics: Master Class (affiliate) is a 16-week course that includes over 21 emails, video interviews, tutorials, and some live elements. It’s a full on course on writing, complete with homework, a private study group area (on Facebook), live interactions with instructors, and much more.

Both of these tools come from Human Business Works, led by Chris Brogan. Chris is a great social media resource who was named one of the top 5 bloggers in the Advertising Age Power 150. He’s also a New York Times bestselling author and a contributing editor to Success magazine. Pretty credible, if you ask me, that’s why I’m plugging the products! 😉



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