What would you do with YOUR piece of the puzzle?

New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority has announced that they intend to sell ad space on MetroCards.  Already just another piece of paper that is tossed after use, I’m not sure in general what I think about the ad idea.  But taking it to a new level is where it gets fun.  How could you make the cards, and their advertisements, exciting?  Make people want to collect them, rather than litter the ground with them?  And ultimately, could the designs work to bring people together around a common cause?

That’s the approach of advertising firm Mayday Mayday Mayday. They’ve put together a set of potential use cases for collaborative puzzle games using the new Metro Cards. In each, a card is a piece of a larger picture and commuters are encouraged to add theirs to help complete it.

I especially like this idea:

Bringing people together to create a larger piece of art from smaller pieces that might not mean much on their own. Starting some conversations in the process. You could do it with words, too – putting 140 characters on each stub and a code that notes where in the greater story it sits. I really hope the MTA bites and does at least one campaign this cool. I’d go to NYC to participate.


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