The evolution of sharing

Every single one of us shares with others in some way, shape, or form.  We share lessons learned, the minutia of our days, incredible moments, tragic moments.

Sharing, in turn, connects us to each other, creates a bond of at least a moment between the sharer-er and the share-ee.  The types and strengths of connections can vary with the type, content, setting, and frequency of the sharing experience.

Technology is changing sharing and the connections it makes.  Enabling us to share in novel ways, with broader audiences, instantly.  By keeping a close eye on technological innovations, as well as emerging thoughts and ideas around storytelling, memory,  and communications, we can start to understand how people may share moving forward and the impact that can have on their lives, their connections with other people, and their relationships to organizations or brands.

Some of the exciting things that I see emerging include:

  • Collaborative storytelling and sharing
  • Group or interactive stories
  • Interactive sharing
  • Participative stories

That’s what I hope to do here, with Connection Trends.  Enjoy!


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